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Park Square West

This project included the complete refurbishment of a six storey townhouse on the Crown Estate, Regents Park, London. Construction details included the installation of lutron lighting control systems throughout the house, the installation of air-conditioning, and works to the front and rear elevations in accordance with the Crown Estate Specifications. The project was completed within the 26 week programme advised at the commencement of the contract.

  • 01 ParkSquareWest Front
  • 02 ParkSquareWest FrontStreet
  • 03 ParkSquareWest EntranceHall
  • 04 ParkSquareWest LivingRoom
  • 05 ParkSquareWest LivingRoom2
  • 06 ParkSquareWest DrawingRoom
  • 07 ParkSquareWest Drawing Room2
  • 08 ParkSquareWest Kitchen
  • 09 ParkSquareWest Cloakroom
  • 10 ParkSquareWest Master Bedroom
  • 11 ParkSquareWest Bedroom
  • 12 ParkSquareWest MasterDressingRoom

Lower Addison Gardens

This project included the complete refurbishment of a five storey townhouse, including rear extensions to the top floor and basement. The works included lowering the basement floor level, structural steelwork to the basement to provide an open plan area, and a new rear basement extension with glass roof and glass walkway. Construction details included sliding/folding pocket doors, and new secure storage to the front basement well. The project was carried out in two phases, to enable the Client to occupy the top floors whilst the basement works progressed to completion.

  • 01 LowerAddisonGardens FrontEntrance
  • 02 LowerAddisonGardens FrontExtBasement
  • 03 LowerAddisonGardens
  • 04 LowerAddisonGardens
  • 05 LowerAddisonGardens Kitchen1
  • 06 LowerAddisonGardens Kitchen2
  • 07 LowerAddisonGardens Kitchen3
  • 08 LowerAddisonGardens RearBasement
  • 09 LowerAddisonGardens RearExtBasement
  • 10 LowerAddisonGardens
  • 11 LowerAddisonGardens
  • 12 LowerAddisonGardens RearExternal

Flats in London

The works undertaken on these projects range from minor alterations and redecorations, through to complete refurbishment. The Holland Park flat shown was completely refurbished including new mechanical and electrical installations, and new bathrooms and cloakroom. The works at Cranley Gardens included internal alterations, new finishes throughout, and the manufacture and installation of bespoke armoires. At Portland Square we refurbished the bathrooms and redecorated throughout, and at Chesham Place we have refurbished six smaller flats for the rental market.

  • 01 HollandPark1
  • 02 HollandPark3
  • 03 HollandPark4
  • 04 HollandPark5
  • 05 HollandPark6
  • 06 HollandPark7
  • 07 HollandParkOutside
  • 08 Cranley1
  • 09 Cranley2
  • 10 Cranley3
  • 11 PortlandSquare
  • 12 CheshamPlace

Holland Park Flat, London, Testimonial from the Interior Designer:

"The Client is absolutely delighted with the quality of the completed works. We are particularly pleased with the new bathrooms and cloakroom on this project, and we are grateful for your assistance in the setting-out of the joinery and marble in these limited spaces."
Odile Granter, Granter Interiors.

» For the full testimonial of the Holland Park residential refurbishment project click here

Bristol Gardens

This project included dilapidation works to the existing roof and windows, complete refurbishment of all the rooms, and new mechanical and electrical installations throughout. On the upper floors we provided additional bathrooms, and formed new dressing areas complete with new bespoke joinery wardrobes and storage. On the ground floor we constructed a hardwood glazed rear extension, and provided new underfloor heating. External works included a new rear yorkstone patio, and electrically operated cedar sliding gates to the front boundary wall.

  • 01 Bristol Gardens FrontElev2 (Before)
  • 02 Bristol Gardens Bath 2 (After)
  • 03 Bristol Gardens Conservatory (After)
  • 04 Bristol Gardens Extension 3 (After)
  • 05 Bristol Gardens Extension 4 (After)
  • 06 Bristol Gardens Fire Place 1 (After)
  • 07 Bristol Gardens Hallway 1 (After)
  • 08 Bristol Gardens Kitchen 1 (After)
  • 09 Bristol Gardens Kitchen 2 (After)
  • 10 Bristol Gardens Kitchen 5 (After)
  • 11 Bristol Gardens Shower 1 (After)
  • 12 Bristol Gardens TV 2 (After)

Testimonial from the owners:

"From day one they organised and ran the work in a highly professional manner which surpassed all our expectations. With regular meetings for all the key players, ourselves included, and a cIear programme of works, communication was excellent, and this was key to why this job was so successful.

Whatever was happening, Nick and Martin displayed a tireless dedication to doing the job well, and Martin's catchphrase was 'It's got to be right'! Nothing was too much trouble.

The greatest tribute we can pay Candour is that by the end of the job t he whole team was not just still speaking but Singing each others' praises."
Mark and Yvonne Lewis.

» For the full testimonial of the Bristol Gardens residential project click here

Talbot Road, London (Current Project)

A current project is the complete refurbishment of this five storey London townhouse. This Listed Building had been uninhabitable for two years.

Extensive works to be carried out include; the demolition and rebuilding of external walls and extensions, construction of a basement extension, replacement of the main slate roof, internal alterations, new mechanical and electrical installations, and new finishes throughout.

  • Talbot-Road-London-External-1
  • Talbot-Road-London-External-2
  • Talbot-Road-London-External-3
  • Talbot-Road-London-External-4



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