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Royal British Legion, Camberley

This project included the complete refurbishment of the trading area, the function room, and the British Legion branch offices. Construction details included a new contemporary bar servery, display cabinets and poppy feature, and the formation of a new trade kitchen. Despite the extensive additional dilapidation works instructed during the works, the project was still completed within the original programme of 8 weeks

  • 01 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 032
  • 02 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 001
  • 03 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 006
  • 04 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 008
  • 05 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 011
  • 06 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 014
  • 07 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 016
  • 08 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 018
  • 09 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 020
  • 10 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 025
  • 11 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 033
  • 12 RoyalBritishLegion Camberley 037

Baroosh, Essex

This project included the conversion of a furniture store into a new licensed restaurant. Works included piling and construction of new rear extension, substantial structural steelwork, and new roofing including formation of large roof light. Construction details included a curved copper bar servery, and a new glazed shop front. The project was completed in 18 weeks.

  • 01 Baroosh Essex
  • 02 Baroosh Essex
  • 03 Baroosh Essex
  • 04 Baroosh Essex
  • 05 Baroosh Essex
  • 06 Baroosh Essex
  • 07 Baroosh Essex
  • 08 Baroosh Essex
  • 09 Baroosh Essex
  • 10 Baroosh Essex
  • 11 Baroosh Essex
  • 12 Baroosh Essex

The Bulls Head, Turnford

This project included extensive alterations and complete refurbishment to the ground floor trade area, including relocation and reconstruction of the toilets, and expansion of the existing kitchen area. Construction details included a new oak bar servery with pewter features, a new glass internal entrance lobby and door, and a new log wall with a raised fireplace. The project also included the formation of new external paved and decking areas. The premises were re-opened for business within 8 weeks of closing.

  • 01 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 02 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 03 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 04 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 05 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 06 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 07 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 08 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 09 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 10 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 11 TheBullsHead Turnford
  • 12 TheBullsHead Turnford

Anglia Restaurants - Artorio's, Norwich

This project was the fitting out of the ground floor and first floor of a retail unit shell building, to form a new restaurant area, including new kitchen and toilet areas. Construction details included a new curved wall to form the kitchen counter, a new bar servery with a tall display backfitting, and new curved fixed seating with stone cladding. The new mechanical services plant had to be hoisted into position on the roof. The project was completed within the original programme period of 12 weeks.

  • 01 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 02 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 03 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 04 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 05 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 06 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 07 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 08 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 09 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 10 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 11 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich
  • 12 ArtoriosRestaurant Norwich

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